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Hilo Ocean Warriors Keiki Summer Camp

Quick Details

  • Each camp is 1-2 days long, running from 8:00am-3:00pm.
  • Running only 4 weeks this year, so don’t miss your chance!
Water Survival Camper
Marine Conservation and Advanced Snorkeling Camper
SCUBA Upgrade Must purchase with Marine Conservation and Advanced Snorkeling Camp before enrolling
Kayak Rescue Camper

Become an Hilo Ocean Warrior and Protect Our Aina this Summer!

Make this summer your Keiki‘s best summer ever and get them enrolled in our Keiki Ocean Warriors Summer Camp. Your Keiki will not only learn skills that are essential for rescue, snorkeling, SCUBA, and marine conservation, but they will also receive PADI certifications and certificates from participating in this amazing summer program. They’ll get to spend all of their days in the water having fun and sharpening theirs skills! The certifications will vary based on which section they participate in, so why not have your Keiki participate in all of them and save $225. Each camp is 2 days long and will run from 8AM to 3PM each day and will include 2 snack breaks and lunch! The Hilo Ocean Warriors Summer Camp is broken up into three sections and start at $499 each. Each section of this summer camp are as follows:

What to Bring!

  • Towels
  • Swim shorts
  • Rash guards
  • Jeans
  • Lunch

Water Survival Camp:

Campers will begin with water safety and how to assess when to call for help, how to throw a life float, and how to assist someone in need; in and out of the water. (Go or Throw) They will also learn how to tread water, as well as survival floats! Campers will be shown how to turn their pants into a flotation device! Children will need to wear swimsuits under a pair of jeans the first day to do this.

Campers will review instructions on CPR & First Aid and begin practical exercise. They will receive training on the use of an AED, and learn how to properly apply bandages as well as use improvised splints and other techniques.

During our Water Survival Camp, campers will put all the skills learned from the morning and previous afternoon together into a scenario based skills test by “Saving Role Playing Victims” from various injuries. This will instill confidence in themselves and test their knowledge in a fun and safe environment. Extra time will be given for children to switch roles from being “injured” to “rescuer” so 2 exercises will happen. Each child will even receive an Emergency First Responder Certification card!

Time Frame and break down:

Day 1

– 8:00-9:00AM Mandatory Swim test and day break down.
– 9:30 Learning how to create and using improvised flotation devices out of jeans
– 10:30 am Going over in-water rescue scene assessment and using materials around you.
– 11:30 am Rescue Assessment
– 12:00-1:00pm LUNCH
– 1:00-3:00pm Beginning of Emergency First Responder course CPR learning

Day 2:

– 8:00am: Students will continue to learn the basics of CPR, the recovery position, and apply it to infants
– 9:30am: AED Use and Choking
– 10:30am: Bandaging and splinting, Illness assessments, and SAMPLE.
– 12:00-1:00pm
– 1:00pm Final Scenarios and tower jumping fun!


– Emergency First Responder Primary and Secondary Care.


– June 5-6th
– June 19-20th
– July 3-4th
– July 17-18th

Advanced Snorkeling and Ocean Conservation Camp:

Despite how lively our reefs seem on the outside, the reefs of Hawaii are dying off at an alarming rate, along with the fish and other animals that call these reefs home. Without the any support, the beautiful underwater Aina will surely die off. Grow your Keiki’s love for our oceans by enrolling them in our Advanced Snorkeling and Ocean Conservation Camp. Here they will not only learn about how are reefs work and what they can do to restore them, but they will also learn how explore our reefs with care by learning advanced snorkeling techniques! With our educational presentations and workshops in the morning, your Keiki will learn all about coral reefs and the importance of certain creatures in the Hawaiian reefs. After lunch they’ll get multiple opportunities to explore different coral reefs starting at Richardson’s Ocean Park and then going to progressively more amazing and advanced dive sites after that. Sign your Keiki up today and help us restore the oceans!

Mandatory Swim Test:

In order to participate in this camp, your Keiki must be able to complete the following:

  • Swim 100 yards continuously.
  • Tread water or float for 5 minutes.

The swim tests will be taking place on the first day of the camp at 8:00am, failure to attend or pass will result in your dismissal from the camp. It is far to dangerous for a child who is unable to meet these requirements to take part in this camp.

Timeframe and Breakdown:

Day 1:

– 8:00AM: PADI AWARE Coral Reef Conservation presentation and workshops.
– 12:00-1:00PM: LUNCH
– 1:00-2:15PM: Advanced Snorkeler Course at Richardson’s
– 2:15-3:00PM Deep Water Snorkeling trip Leleiwi beach park!

Day 2:

– 8:00AM: Campers will learn about the Hawaiian Ecosystem, Wildlife preservation, and what animals can be found on our reefs.
– 12:00-1:00PM: LUNCH
– 1:00-1:45PM: Fish Scavenger Hunt at Richardson’s Round 1
– 2:00-3:00PM: Fish Scavenger Hunt at a more Advanced Snorkeling Spot Round 2

SCUBA Upgrade:

– 8:00AM: PADI Seal Team Presentation
– 9:15PM: PADI Seal Team Exercises 1-5 which include Mask, Clearing, Regulator Recovery, Neutral Buoyancy, and Equalizing.
– 12:00-1:00PM: LUNCH
– 1:00PM: Carlsmith’s beach park Dive Tour!
– 1:45-3:00PM: The Games Begin which include swimming though a hoop, ring hunt, and a surprise conservation game at the end!

Certifications and Certificates:

– PADI AWARE Coral Reef Conservation Diver
– Advanced Snorkeler Certification

Scuba Upgrade:

– PADI Seal Team Certificate
– PADI Bubblemaker Certificate


– June 7-8th, SCUBA upgrade 9th
– June 21-22nd, SCUBA upgrade 23rd
– July 5-6th, SCUBA Upgrade 7th
– July 19-20th, SCUBA Upgrade 21st

Kayak Rescue Camp

Campers will start with an Intro to Kayaking and Safety, practice techniques in maneuvering, and then get right into the water and begin kayaking! Lots of fun and adventure all in the first day!

Campers will review techniques and rescue strategies, instructors will go over any issues which may have been noticed in previous exercises and guide the campers in making corrections. Campers will get into the water to apply new skills and experience. During these exercises we will have a secondary Kayaker (not from the group) that will roll over and “need help from the children” for practical exercise training.

Time Frame and Break Down

Day 1:

– 8AM: Intro to Kayaking and Safety
– 9AM: Practice techniques in maneuvering.
– 10AM: Get into the water and begin kayaking! – 1PM-2PM: LUNCH
– After lunch pack up and head back to the shop. – End of day is 3PM.

Day 2:

– 8AM: Review techniques and rescue strategies, go over any issues which may have been noticed on the previous day to make corrections for students.
– 10AM: Back into the water to apply new skills and experience. During these exercises we will have a secondary Kayaker (not from the group) that will roll over and “need help from the students” for practical exercise training.

– 12:30PM Back to the shop for a Mahalo Family Cook Out! Free Burgers and Hotdogs!

Certifications and Certificates

– Crucial Life Skills


– June 10-11th
– June 24-25th
– July 8-9th
– July 22-23rd