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Rescue Diver Course

Quick Details

10 Rescue Exercises and 2 Rescue Scenarios
eLearning Course
Private Course Upgrade
Rental BCDs, Regulators and wetsuit are available for $180 for the entire course (Fins, Masks, and Snorkel are required)


As a professional dive shop, we understand SCUBA diving done incorrectly can turn into a dangerous situation for everyone. Without the basic understanding of rescue skills, we wouldn’t be able to keep our divers safe, in or out of the water. As divers, we should always be prepared for the worst case scenario, and with The PADI Rescue Diver Course you will learn to manage worst case scenarios. Though it may sound grim at first, the Rescue Diver Course is a lot of fun,  rewarding and stress free. With your Rescue Diver Certification and 40 logged dives you will be ready to enroll in our  professional PADI Divemaster Course (details in the next description). So what are you waiting for, sign up now and start learning the essentials of diver rescue!

Rescue Diver Course Breakdown:

The Rescue diver consists of a fairly long eLearning course that can take 3 days to complete including a final exam. After the 10 Rescue Exercises and the 2 Rescue Scenarios will be split into three separate days:

  • Day 1 consists of learning how to rescue responsive divers on the surface and underwater exercises (exercises 1-4).
  • Day 2 consists of learning how to find and rescue unresponsive divers underwater (exercises 5-6, scenario 1).
  • Day 3 consists of learning how to rescue and provide first-aid to an unresponsive diver at the surface (exercises 7-10, scenario 2).
  • You will also be creating an Emergency Action Plan by the end of the Rescue Diver Course. After that you’ll officially be Rescue Diver Certified!

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