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Scuba Certifications

Hilo Ocean Adventures is a PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) Dive Center:

  • PADI is the largest, safest, and most well recognized SCUBA agency in the entire world. We take pride in teaching under PADI and we adhere to their standards to provide safe and high quality instruction.

Choosing a Dive Center is an important decision.  You are choosing who you are going to trust to teach you or a loved one skills to survive underwater.

With that in mind:

  • You deserve a scuba diving company who employs instructors and divemasters who are professional and true experts in their field.
  • You deserve to be safe when you’re diving and being a well trained diver is key to your own safety. Proper training can provide the following benefits:
    • The ability to avoid touching the bottom, which can prevent cuts, scrapes, and stings. Dive guides also tend to take skilled divers to more interesting areas.
    • Skilled divers are able to control their position in the water which does not only prevent serious and potentially life threating injuries (Decompression illness and Lung Over Expansion injuries).
    • Skilled, comfortable divers can preserve their air and save energy on a dive, making the dive more enjoyable!
  • You deserve to dive with a scuba company that has a proven and verifiable, safety record.