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Underwater Naturalist Specialty Course

Quick Details

2 Open Water Training Dives
Underwater Naturalist Manual
Private Course Upgrade
BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, and Weight rentals are available for an extra $60 Fins, Masks, and snorkels are not provided and must be purchased in advance.


Coral reefs are one of the most biodiverse ecosystems in the entire world, loaded to the brim with beautiful fish, invertebrates, and graceful giants like sea turtles. Though on the surface it may look beautiful, see how the marinelife interacts with the reef and each other.  Imagine watching a grouper and a moray eel hunt together, or a coral guard crab fight off other sea creatures. Only a trained eye will notice these kinds of interactions however, the Underwater Naturalist Course is a perfect way to learn and recognise these interactions. You will learn to spot and identify different types of fish, invertebrates, and aquatic plants!  Understanding our aquatic ecosystems, you be admiring the scenery and turn your experience into an intimate connection with our aquatic world

Underwater Naturalist Specialty Course Breakdown:

Before getting in the water, you will need to complete the knowledge review found in the Underwater Naturalist Manual and have it graded by your instructor. You will participate in two training open water dives while applying these skills and experiencing different species and unique interactions between certain organisms! Book now and get started!

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