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Tropical Reef & Wildlife Boat Snorkel Adventure

Quick Details


Hop on our 35-ft Wellcraft for a memorable dolphin and snorkel tour!

If you’re looking for a water-filled adventure, then embark on this dolphin snorkeling tour near Hilo, Hawaii. Board a 35-foot Small Yacht and cruise past the break wall of Hilo Bay along a scenic route to your snorkeling locations.

Your tour includes an expert, local guide who will take you to explore untouched coves, sand patches, and reef structures of the Pacific Ocean and teach you about the marine wildlife along the way. Keep an eye out for playful dolphins and so much more on this adventurous snorkeling tour.

Your Knowledgable guide will take you to explore the untouched reef structures and coves off the coast, where you can glimpse dolphins playing in pods. Learn about the exotic sea creatures that lurk within the reef’s ecosystem and along Hilo’s coastlines, including tropical reef fish, eels and manta rays that are synonymous with Eastern Hawaii. You may also spot sea turtles, eagle rays and other marine life that call the reefs and Hilo coastline their home on your scenic luxury ride back to Hilo.

Make memories under the sea when you discover a hidden world under the surface of the water when you choose this exciting snorkeling tour!