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Sea Turtle Cove Scuba Shore Dive

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Hilo scuba diving at Sea Turtle Cove

If you have come to Hawaii to enjoy diving along the lush and iconic East Hawaiian coast, this is the excursion for you! Guided by local, experienced dive professionals, your tour departs in the morning just a few miles from where your breathtaking dive site resides. After a safety briefing and review of the creatures likely to be encountered, enjoy a non-taxing tour of the underwater wonders near Hilo. The waters around Hilo are especially unique as the cool fresh water springs that enter the sea along the coast regulates ocean temperatures and prevents coral bleaching. Hilo’s coastline is renowned for its brackish waters and abundant sea turtle population and beautiful coral as well as a wealth of marine diversity including octopus, varied manta rays, eels and tropical reef fish. Your dive master will guide you on an incredible journey through the abundance of sea life and will ensure you have a fun and memorable experience. Come and explore the unseen, underwater side of Hilo, Hawaii.