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Scuba Adventures

Want to try one of the most exciting underwater activities in Hilo, Hawaii? Become a certified scuba diver or brush up on your skills to enjoy all that the underwater world has to offer! All Big Island scuba certification courses include books, special deals on your required dive starter kit (mask, fin, and snorkel), and transportation! We offer all naui and padi specialties. There are new courses every month, so let's get you certified! Browse our options below!

Explore the ocean depths of Hawaii on our scuba diving tours here at Hilo Ocean Adventures! From side-by-side guidance to real-life application, our instructor-guided packages offer both training and certification to ensure participants are knowledgeable and safe on their voyages. Additionally, we provide field manuals, special deals on your required dive starter kit (including mask, fins, and snorkel), food and non-alcoholic drinks, with boat transportation to and from the dive sites.

Our certified scuba gear technicians take preventative measures for diver safety through oxygen tank sanitization and servicing. With new courses offered monthly, there are many opportunities to get certified! All of our certifications are held to professional NAUI (National Association of Underwater Instructors) or PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) standards, with the first being slightly more casual with the general basic knowledge, while the latter provides ample field training and is recognized nationwide – browse our options below. Book your next solo or group scuba diving adventure with us today!

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