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Wailoa River to King Kamehameha Statue Kayak Adventure

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Kayak Guest Price per person
Double - Kayak Guests Price per double - kayak (2 guests)

Kayaks on the calm waters of the Wailoa River

Experience Hilo from a new perspective as we journey up the relaxing river, through tree branches, and cruise underneath the graceful dragon arches of the Japanese style bridges.

Loa meaning “long water” includes an easy entry from a boat ramp that travels up Wailoa River and into Hilo Bay. There are unique birds and fish sightings throughout your excursion.

Take a break and enjoy the King Kamehameha Statue and learn more about the History of the Big Island and learn about the Tsunamis that have cleared the area and created an arboretum of trees that are recognized by the Tree Association as “The Largest of Tree Species outside of Africa.”

This is a great kayak or paddle board adventure for beginners.