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Dive Against Debris Specialty Course

Quick Details

1 Reef Cleaning Dive, And Trash Sorting
eLearning Course
Private Course Upgrade
BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, and Weight rentals are available for an extra $60. Fins, Masks, and snorkels are not provided and must be purchased in advance.


Despite how beautiful the reefs of Hawaii may seem, they are in peril. The Hawaiian islands are right next to the great pacific garbage patch and it often lands on our shores and gets tangled into our reefs. Being a tourist hot spot, plenty of tourists throw their trash onto our beaches. Fishing line and hooks snag corals and injure other marine life living amongst the reefs. There are ways to stop this!  Take part in the Dive Against Debris course and be a party of the solution by cleaning this trash from our reefs and recycle it responsibly. In this course you will learn the true extent of the damages caused, record your collection and help the diving community track where the trash is coming from. With the data you collect, Project AWARE and the diving community will have the information needed to advocate for policy change with a greater chance of success.

Dive Against Debris Specialty Course Breakdown:

When first starting this course, you will be greeted with a Dive Against Debris knowledge development presentation before gearing up and heading out to clean the oceans. The dives will be taking place at one of the two highly polluted sites that are in the biggest need of our help. After collecting trash from the dive site, you will head back to the shop and sort all of the trash and document what you have found and upload it to!

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