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Peak Performance Specialty Course

Quick Details

2 Open Water Training Dives
eLearning Course
Private Course Upgrade
BCD, Regulator, Wetsuit, and Weight rentals are available for an extra $60 Fins, Masks, and snorkels are not provided and must be purchased in advance (10% student discount on full package)


Even after going through the entire Open Water Diver Course, buoyancy control can still be very difficult to master. Though the Open Water Diver is a great course to learn the basics of diving, it doesn’t cover everything, and by taking the Peak Performance Buoyancy Course you will learn how to achieve advanced positioning, weighting, finning techniques, and breath control. Learning these skills will make diving substantially easier and more enjoyable. Completely this course will enable you to admire your surroundings with much more ease while using  air more effectively improving bottom time!

Peak Performance Specialty Course Breakdown:

Before getting in the water, there will be a small segment of elearning that can be completed in a matter of hours.  Two training open water dives will teach you to master your buoyancy skills and put them to good use!

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