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5-Day Long Summer Fun Camp

Quick Details

Participant Ages 8 to 18

Your child will learn Snorkeling, Kayaking, Paddle Boarding, First Aid and much more in a fun and safe environment!

Summer Camp Itinerary:

Day 1
Water survival:

  • Campers will have a swim test in the form of games
  • They will learn about ocean dangers, currents, and rip tides
  • How to tread water and do survival floats
  • How to make improvised flotation device with a pair of pants
  • Learn techniques to keep them safe in the water and prevent drowning in a fun and safe

Day 2
Snorkeling/wildlife education:

  • Snorkeling lessons and tour!
  • Learn fish and marine life identification
  • Games
  • Learn the importance of keeping our Aina clean and protected

Day 3
First Aid:

  • Basics of First Aid
  • How to properly dress wounds
  • Improvised splints
  • Learn what is in a first aid kit and what the items are used for
  • Learn what do in emergency situations inside and out of the water

Day 4

  • Kayak lessons and tour!
  • Kayak basics and safety
  • Learn what to do if your kayak capsizes
  • Learn how to help direct others if they capsize
  • Fun kayak relay races

Day 5
Stand Up Paddle Boarding:

  • Stand Up Paddle Board lessons and tour!
  • Water games
  • Free play
  • Summer camp recap

What’s Included

Lunch, snacks, and drinks are included