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Project AWARE Specialty Course

Quick Details

Project Aware Knowledge Development Presentation

Beneath the waves of the Hawaiian seas lie some of the most beautiful coral reefs in the world; however, without proper respect, they won’t stay that way. Many people do not understand what it takes to respect the aquatic Aina.  Without this respect the overall degradation of our reefs will continue. Tens of thousands of tons are entering the oceans every year. Greenhouse gasses are on the rise, warming the seas more and more, making it difficult for corals and other animals to survive. Though it may seem hopeless, there are ways you can reduce the trash entering the oceans and show your respect to the reefs of Hawaii. By taking part in the Project AWARE Specialty Course you will learn what this respect means for our Hawaiian reefs and the oceans as a whole. By making simple lifestyle changes you can contribute to bettering our oceans and even living healthier as a person!

Project AWARE Specialty Course Breakdown:

This course is very simple, it will only consist of a 3 hour presentation/workshop and fill out the Project AWARE Speciality knowledge review. After that you will be done with the entire course! Feel free to book a dive tour or snorkeling tour and apply your knowledge!

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