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Humpback Whale Exploration

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Whale watching in Hilo, Hawaii

Come catch a glimpse of Hawai‘i’s gentle giants and winter visitors, the humpback whale! After a nonstop six- to eight-week and 6,000-mile migration from Alaska, approximately 12,000 North Pacific humpbacks arrive in the Hawaiian Islands every year around mid-December for a season of mating, birthing, and nurturing their newborn calves.

New For 2021 – Upgrade your adventure with a Whale Song Snorkel Package.  This full sensory package allows you to, see, swim and  hear the humpback whales while you snorkel in the incredible waters of Hawai’i. Your journey includes a snorkel set, fins and optional lifejacket.

This annual migration is one of the longest of any mammal and brings a bit of winter magic to the Hawaiian Islands each. Join us as we venture outside Hilo’s breakwall in search of these majestic creatures for an up-close and personal, once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Reserve your spot on our Hilo whale watching tour today!

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