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Boat Snorkel – Dolphin Adventure and Reef Raft Snorkel

Iconic Lush Coastline of Hilo

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Dolphin and snorkel tours in Hilo

Come enjoy our guided RIB Runabout Dolphin Adventure and Tropical Reef Snorkel along the pristine Hilo coast! Our tour departs from the Wailoa boat harbor in downtown Hilo and ventures beyond the break wall to snorkel the scenic coastline on our 20-foot inflatable RIB Runabout.

Enjoy the iconic lush coastlines the island has to offer and swim into untouched coves where pods of dolphins greet us and play in our wake. Stop off in one of these idyllic coves to snorkel over spectacular and untouched reef structures and sand patches, and immerse yourself in east Hawaii’s diverse sea life.

Our coastline is renowned for the abundant marine life population, and our waters are home to octopus, eagle and manta rays, eels, corals, and tropical reef fish! Your captain and snorkel guide will teach you about the different species that call Hilo home and make sure you have a great time from start to finish.

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