Full Set: $99.00 /day

(includes 1 tall,BCD, Reg, weight)

Wet Suit:  $15/day

BCD: $20.00/day

Standard Regulator: $30.00/day

Atomic Reg/Computer: $40.00 /day

Dive Lights: $15.00/day

Weights: $10.00/day (up to 20lbs)

Air Tanks: $10.00/day

We offer an array of rental gear including SCUBA, snorkel, full, surf boards, Paddle boards, and beach accessories.  Click below to rent some of these items online!

$20.00/24 hours  $85.00/weekly

Kayak Rentals

Rental gear pricing

Snorkel Sets

Stand Up Paddle Boards

We provide 3 hour, daily, and weekly rentals!  We also rent transportation mechanisms to help getting it to the beach the easiest part of your day!


Beach Accessories

A day at the beach isn't complete without a chair to lounge in and a cooler to keep your refreshments cold.  We provide daily and weekly rentals of beach chairs and coolers!

$15.00/day  $75.00/week


$60.00/3 hours  $90.00/24 hours  $300.00/weekly