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Hilo Bay Myths and Legends Waterfall Lagoon Adventure

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Immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture

Step into a 6-passenger inflatable boat and be transported into a Polynesian postcard setting with this relaxing tour of the calm waters of Hilo Bay.

This is one of the largest visible stretches of ocean anywhere on the island, and its immense, flat, deep blue profile make it a distinct landmark of east Hawaii. Pass by Coconut Island, a small isle that was a refuge for warriors back in ancient times. Legend has anyone who was ill could swim around the island 3 times to be healed. Visit other popular sites on the bay including the ice ponds and bay front black sand beach. Guests may swing from the banyan trees over the lagoon.

A busy farming and fishing area in early times, Hilo evolved into a commercial center for the sugar industry in the 1800s. Enjoy views of historic Hilo Town and learn about its history of thriving sugar plantations and a large sampan fishing fleet before 2 major tsunamis in 1946 and 1960 changed the nature of the town.

Keep an eye out for sea turtles swimming in the lagoon as you pass under the Singing Bridge on your way to the falls on Wailuku River. The Hawaii Belt Road runs across this repurposed railway bridge and the steel grid deck underneath the road creates a singing sound as cars drive across it.

Book this concise tour now for a fun introduction to Hilo Bay, Hilo Town and the Waikulu River Falls.