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Hilo Bay Myths and Legends Waterfall Lagoon Adventure

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Immerse yourself in Hawaiian culture

Experience the rich and captivating culture of ancient Hawai’i on our Hilo Bay Myths and Legends RIB Runabout Adventure! Step aboard our 20-foot inflatable RIB Runabout and be transported back into time, where ancient Polynesian explorers discovered this volcanic island and gave meaning and stories to the land beneath their feet.

Immerse yourself in mo’olelo, or oral histories, of islets of refuge with healing waters, of Hawai’i Island iconic goddesses of fire and ice, Pele and Poli’ahu, and the legendary Maui, a frequent visitor of Hilo, who paddled his canoe into Rainbow Falls where his mother Hina resides.

Explore Hilo’s immensely culturally rich coast within the calm of the protected Hilo Bay, with a peek at the mysterious jungle waterfall as you traverse upstream on Hawai’i’s longest river for a visit to Maui’s “canoe.” Swing from the Banyan Trees and take a dip in the waterfall lagoon.

Experience the true culture of Hawaii on this unforgettable tour. Book online today!

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