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Sea Turtle Cove & Tropical Reef 2-Tank Boat Dive

Idyllic Coves & Abundant Sea Turtles

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Dive along the pristine Hilo coast!

Your fun exploration begins as you step onto Hilo’s only commercial dive boat and leave the beautiful shoreline to explore some of the best dive sites to be found in the area. Join in for an exhilarating dive to unspoiled reefs with the attention of expert guides. Diving in Hawaii is a great way to enjoy the Big Island’s underwater paradise and the Hawaiian Islands consistently rank as a number one destination for scuba divers worldwide! Don your gear and descend below the waves to encounter rarely accessed reefs and be greeted by an abundance of marine life including colorful fish, a variety of coral, Hawaiian monk seals and stingrays. You might even meet a curious green turtle or two! Your 4-hour tour includes an expert guide who will ensure your comfort and safety as well as 2 tanks to double your fun while in this vibrant underwater paradise. Book this special tour now and get ready to experience the wild side of Hilo, under the water.